A word to job hunters

Hey. I'm glad you're thinking of joining the group. There's a few things you should know.

First, I can see the names of everyone who joins, but no one else can. If you are concerned about privacy, use a throwaway/anonymous email address. I will not share your name/contact information with anyone else.

Second, I do my best to curate the list. If there's an employer or announcement that is missing, please let me know. I'm happy to be as inclusive as possible. I don't mind having the occasional duplicate announcement.

Third, there are some job announcements that I don't send along because the community has made that request. These include the general listings of jobs on Capitol Hill (although it's fine to send along specific announcements.)

Democrats and Republicans each have resume banks for jobs on Capitol Hill. You can submit your resume here and, if there's a match, a congressional office will contact you. Of course, it's best to contact an office directly, particularly if you have a connection. Even so, here are some useful links:

Through the parties
House Democrats: http://www.democraticwhip.gov/resumes
House Republicans: http://foxx.house.gov/gop-job-bank/ (also see Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GopJobBank)
House Republican Study Committee: http://rsc.woodall.house.gov/resumes/
Senate Democrats: https://democrats.senate.gov/jobs/
Senate Republicans: ??? (I do not know if it exists -- any info welcome)

There are also official job announcements distributed by the House and Senate. They are not necessarily complete...
Senate: http://www.senate.gov/employment/po/positions.htm
House: http://www.house.gov/content/jobs/hvaps_subscribe.php

One more
The Congressional Democrat app Whip Watch, which I wrote about here, provides the most comprehensive free list of Democratic jobs openings on the House. 


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